5 Reasons Why it’s the Right Time for Social Learning

social learning

You have seen a lot of buzz recently around Social Learning, this hasn’t been as prevalent due to several factors now giving this method of learning more opportunity to change the learning sector, hopefully for the better!

1. Technology

The technology available has now become more sophisticated. For example, Tin Can or xAPI has overtaken SCORM content which was typically for compliance purposes. With Tin Can or xAPI, using big data and clever analytics, learning is more personalised in a similar way to when you access your NetFlix or Amazon shopping accounts.

2. Expectations

The modern learner is so used to social media and curated content, for example, people are using tools like FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter and then news tools like Apple’s. This means they are more open to using similar styles for their corporate learning, in fact, they expect them!

3. Better understanding

Today, Learning and Development teams understand that they have to change their delivery model, they realise that it’s less about a ‘transactional approach’ to learning and development. For example, managers no longer are able to push the training requirements of their teams to the Learning and Development people, they have to own this instead, learning needs to be part of the culture. With technology advances, corporates are changing faster than ever, for example the ‘gig economy’ means contractors are used widely for projects. Learning and Development recognise they have to change.


You may have come across the acronym ‘VUCA’ before, this stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Today we live in a VUCA world, this expands to the ever changing workplace. As a result, the old methods of delivering learning where you have to ‘find the learning’ don’t work, we need learning that is personalised and delivered at the point of need.

5. The MOOC

Some MOOC experiences are not very good, and the fall out rate of students for certain platforms has been high. However, given the MOOC providers are available and free for your workforce, some employees are gaining certifications in their own time. The MOOC learning experience is media rich, personalised and easy to access via mobile or tablet devices. Corporates are having to improve their learning environments to support and better deliver to avoid alienating their workforce from providing a bad learning experience.


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