Top 5 Workplace Learning Blogs Of 2017

Where has the first half of 2017 gone?!

The Learning Technologies 2017 conference showcased the latest elearning workplace solutions and attendees.

But what has been hot recently? Webanywhere looks back at the most popular workplace blog topics of the last year or so. 

What’s was hot?

The theme of evaluation and definition crop up time and again as workplace users get to grips with the vast array of elearning options available to them in the marketplace.

The High Five

So in no particular order…

Our first popular blog goes back to basics and asks:

1 – How to evaluate your learning programme? The Kirkpatrick model

Are your current training methods achieving your desired goals?

If not then the Kirkpatrick model provides 4 levels of evaluation (with a 5th level added after inception).

  • Reaction – Did they enjoy their training?
  • Learning – Did they learn from their training?
  • Behaviour – Did they use and apply what they learn?
  • Results – Did the training impact the business?
  • ROI – Did the training provide return on investment?

It’s a classic and has been providing organisations with evaluation guidance since 1950s. Check it out!

2 – MOOC vs LMS – the opportunities for workplace learning

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) were popularised by Stanford University in 2012 and the next challenge was to understand how they could be incorporated in the workplace. However, confusion arose over the use of terminology.

What is the difference between a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) and LMS (Learning Management Systems)?

The distinction is that a MOOC is an online course (typically accessed by many student from many institutions) whereas the LMS is used to house the course in order to make it accessible to students who are typically

Users were keen to learn how MOOC and LMS could enhance workplace learning and this article highlighted some key successes and opportunities for organisations. 

3 – The 8 R’s of Workplace HR Technology

HR departments have been using I.T. solutions for years and due to the maturity of this market there is now less cope for innovative HR technology products.

The 8 R’s

And this ‘mature’ blog is clearly relevant today!

4 – 10 e-learning jargon terms you need to know

The more technological solutions, the more jargon enters the world! Corporate Policies Training | Webanywhere

Do you know your SCORMs from your Tin Can API?

In a bid to keep users up-to-date with the constantly evolving glossary of technical terms, Webanywhere provided clarity by providing definitions for the key ‘need to know’ terms around today.

With a wealth of workplace learning solutions, it is vital that organisations can talk the language of providers in order to understand what they require and what is being sold to them.

5 – The importance of Corporate Policies training

Unfortunately, when it comes to corporate policies learning, organisations lag behind compared to their commitment to training for specific functions in the business.

However, the impact of an uncommunicated corporate policy (i.e. equal opportunities, harassment or non-disclosure) can be serious, with a company at risk from potentially costly issues in terms of expense and reputation. 

Users are rightly concerned about this issue and the good news is that there are tried and tested solutions in the marketplace which can provide the relevant training to your workforce.

So … Totara LMS anyone? 

With a renewed vigour in providing fresh, original and informed content, Webanywhere are committed to an educational approach to blogging.

Let’s see what the coming months will bring!

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