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eLearning Services for HR & Learning and Development Professionals

Corporate life is challenging at the best of times. Add the burden of training and elearning to your endless list and it leaves you always trying to catch up.

But, it doesn’t have to be like that.

For over a decade, we’ve helped corporate businesses, just like yours, transform their employees into experts; increase business performance; reduce time-consuming tasks; and ultimately, boost the success of their business.

Now, unlike ever before, you can forget the stress of business education and focus on winning.

Check out how we can help you below:

learning management systems

In this age, advanced learning management systems are a must. It’s the reason all the most successful corporates have them. That’s why we partner with world-leading platforms; to give you the way to really maximise your team’s business performance.

No matter what your industry or budget, all our systems come with maximum security and stability as a guarantee, and meritocracy considered. And, of course, we can tailor these systems to meet your individual needs.

totara learn lms

If you haven’t heard of the Totara learning management system, you’re about to discover how easily this platform can transform your business, as it has to thousands of corporates across the UK. With this innovative, industry-leading technology, your business problems disappear.

As Platinum parts, we’re in the prime position to help you with consultancy, training, custom configuration, systems integration, cloud or managed hosting, user journey, theme design and after-sales support.

elearning content development

If your team is tired of formal, classroom-based training, run by the same energyless tutor – we feel your pain. That’s why we create bespoke, digital learning programmes that are unique to you, your business and your goals. Modern, bulletproof training to keep your team sharp; it’s game changing.

phone apps for team communication

Whether you’re challenged by training, team communication or how best to share knowledge, our team of specialists have developed unique apps that easily solve your problems. At a time where work is more mobile than ever before, make sure your team have the tools they need to succeed.