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Student Observation Tracking

with Watch and Learn

  • Record pupils using a tablet device
  • Use speech to text instant function to describe the observation
  • Assess the child’s progress with drop down boxes
  • Give feedback and support to students and parents.
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Instantly share pupils’ videos on Watch and Learn, or privately message your videos to parents

From the teachers we have spoken to, it can take up to a week to actually write up observations after taking a picture/video.

With the recommended requirement of one observation per child a week this can turn into an administrative nightmare in a class of 30 children.

Webanywhere’s new platform Watch and Learn helps teachers capture videos and pictures alongside being able to comment about the image with an instant speech to text function.

You can then assess the child’s progress with drop down boxes.

The observation then notifies the parent via the mobile app.

Watch and Learn can also create an end of year montage for the children alongside their progress.

A task that could take a teacher 15 minutes to do has now taken around 2 minutes. Why not give it a try?

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