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Weekly headteacher podcast

with Sound Branch

  • Give students a voice to discuss current topics.
  • Keep parents up to date with school news
  • Celebrate and vocalise success within your school
  • Increase parental engagement
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App Branded to Your School

Recording lessons and providing students with additional learning materials is extremely easy with Sound Branch.

There are many ways that podcasts can be used in the classroom.

For example, recording a class discussion, reviewing a book, conducting interviews or broadcasting classroom news.

Benefits of podcasting in the classroom

Student Engagement– Students are instantly engaged when they love what they are doing.

Listening Skills – It can be hard to find ways to improve students’ listening skills. Podcasts are a perfect solution.

Student Independence – Letting students to choose what to listen to can make them feel more independent.

Reflective Thinking– Encouraging students to write about what they listen to can help them make their own judgements.

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Your branded podcast app will be available via Spotify, Alexa, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.