Get ideas and feedback from your school community.

Create custom online surveys and share with your audience using the Surveys App from your School Jotter account.

What does the Surveys App do?

The Surveys App is the perfect tool to gather feedback from staff, students and parents online. Choose from one of several preset questionnaires or create your own in minutes using the simple form builder. Create questions in a variety of formats including multiple choice, text boxes and dropdowns. Embed on your school website or share a unique URL with your audience to start collecting their responses without the hassle of sending paperwork home.

Surveys App Screenshot

Why is the Surveys App so useful?

The Surveys App is a fantastic way to increase parental engagement and engage with your school community. Whether you’re planning an event or activity, proposing a significant change to the allocation of resources or simply want to have a vote on the new school uniform, the Surveys App is easily adaptable. Save time and eliminate paperwork, speed up the flow of information and analyse results quickly in a single screen report.

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