A fun and interactive way to get pupils practising their spellings.

The Spellings Module is a great way for you to to encourage pupils to develop their word building skills, both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as tracking their progress.

How does the Spellings Module work?

The Spellings Module allows you to create fantastic spelling lists in minutes which you can share with your class straight away or at a later date. Either choose from our pre-made lists of dozens of curriculum-focussed tests or create your own. Custom lists can be created for your learners, customised to each child’s ability.

Using the innovative look-cover-write-check method to assess your students gives them the opportunity to learn both spelling and typing skills. Additionally, for accessibility purposes, audio tests are available for words in pre-made tests.

How does the Spelling Module benefit learners?

Spelling tests can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and on any device. One of the best features of the module is its tracking feature - you can set the same test multiple times and track a pupil's progress over the course of a year, or compare them with their peers. The BrainTrain feature lets you see which words are most commonly misspelled and even lets you take these to create new, more challenging tests.

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