Create an online record of achievement for your students.

The ePortfolio Module  is an e-portfolio for children that provides a colourful online space for them to upload the work they are proud of and want to share with others.


What does the ePortfolio Module do?

The ePortfolio Module gives your pupils a safe online space to save and display their work in. It can be used to create a digital story of learning - with students uploading text, images, documents and video of their achievements. Portfolios can be shared both inside and outside your school, engaging parents and the local community.

How does the ePortfolio Module benefit learners?

The ePortfolio Module promotes self-reflection and teaches children to be proud of their achievements. It encourages children to be expressive about the things they’ve enjoyed doing and to share that enjoyment with others. It provides a map of learning, allowing children to see their progress from month to month and year to year. Importantly, it allows you as a teacher to comment on any page and give students feedback on what they’ve done well.

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