Office 365 integration

School Jotter now offers integration with Microsoft's popular Office 365 system.

With full support for OneDrive and a familiar interface, Microsoft's free offering is perfect for an online document creation and management platform for your students.

What does Office 365 do?

By linking it to your Office 365 and OneDrive accounts you can access the same files and folders that you would be able to through the regular Office 365 interface. You get full access to all of them, and all links follow through to the full-featured editing suite. You can upload, modify and delete content from within the familiar bounds of School Jotter.

Better collaboration through cloud computing

You and your students will be able to take full advantage of the collaborative features of Office 365. Share documents, folders and pictures with others - multiple people can work on the same file, allowing for fluid, easy working together. And with access anywhere there's Internet, you don't need to worry about files being locked away in a hard drive at school.

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