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Webanywhere are focused on improving e-learning within education. Using open source technology, we are able to provide engaging e-learning platforms which improve the productivity of both teachers and students. Take a look at the video below to find out more about the world's best   VLE.  

Moodle is an open-source virtual learning environment / VLE (also known as a learning management system or LMS), which has been developed by educators, for educators. It is this alignment with education, rather than profitability, which sets Moodle apart from other VLEs.

We are on the Government Procurement  Service list of approved learning platform suppliers.

Moodle in 90 seconds

Benefits of Moodle

  • It is an open source VLE, which means no contracts or per user licensing costs to pay each year.
  • You can integrate the platform with your management system, saving valuable time on administration by automating registration.
  • The money you've saved can be redeployed to provide better training for staff, increasing the use of, and therefore the value of, the VLE.
  • Support personalised learning, reaching outside the classroom and better involving staff, students and parents alike.

Manage Homework in Moodle

Designed and built as a homework-management plugin, Homework is designed to make homework management easier for teachers, students and their parents.

Homework for moodle allows its users to plan, track and submit homework all within a familiar and comfortable environment. With simple to use reporting tools both teachers and parents are able to see how efficient students are when it comes to completing and submitting their homework.

Moodle SIMS Integration

Integrating your VLE with SIMS gives you a wide range of useful options, including:

  • Automated user management
  • Off-site access to SIMS data
  • Reporting in real-time to parents
  • Writeback of assessment data to SIMS

Moodle 3.0: What's New?

Exciting news for schools and businesses this month, the version 3.0 is now available for download and includes a huge number of bug fixes, improvements and new features.

What's new for teachers?

  • Select missing words
    Complete a piece of text of varying complexity by selecting words from a drop down menu.
  • Drag and drop markers
    Build up a picture by dragging elements onto a background image.
  • Streamlined section editing
    Access section editing functions from a single menu, saving space on smaller devices.
  • Display the date of uploaded files
    Show your students when a file was uploaded or modified, making course changes clearer.

What's new for students?

  • Delete your own messages
    Tidy up all those read or unwanted messages by removing them from your list
  • Extra options in the text editor
    Add extra equations and format tables attractively with the Atto text editor.
  • See when files were added
    See the date your teacher uploaded or modified a file resource, making course changes easier to follow
  • More with the mobile app
    Search for and enrol in courses, chat on the go and take surveys and choices from within the mobile app.

What's new for admins?

  • Improved plugins management
    Install or upgrade your plugins and any dependencies in one easy step.
  • Reset Dashboard and Profile for all
    Reset the default Dashboard and Profile paages for existing users, making specified blocks visible to everyone.
  • More with the mobile app
    Mobile services are on by default on new  installs and the functionality no longer requires a local plugin.
  • Better handling of tags
    Edit, flag, delete and promote tags more efficiently from an improved Manage tags screen.

What's  new for trainers?

  • Four new question types
    Encourage interactivity with question types focusing on word selection and positioning images and text onto background pictures.
  • Streamlined section editing
    Access section editing functions from a single menu, saving space on smaller screens.
  • Extra options in the text editor
    Add more equations and format tables attractively with the Atto text editor.

A VLE that fits your individual needs

Moodle enables teachers to take the best aspects of their classroom practice and transfer that into a home teaching and learning environment. As it's web based, staff and students alike have 24 hour access to resources and activities, allowing learning to reach beyond the classroom.

The VLE comes with an impressive array of features and is also highly configurable and extensible, allowing it to be customised to meet the individual needs of your school. As an open source platform, there are no license fees to pay, so your budget can stretch that bit further.

With a global community of over 70 million users, it is the world's most widely used school learning management system, and is under constant development, with new modules being created and added daily.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Since 2006, we've gained experience in tailoring the system to the specific needs of teachers when providing VLE services to schools and colleges. We're able to offer the full range of support, from initial set-up through training to ongoing technical support.

We're also serious about contributing to the community - we've been heavily involved in integrating the platform with MIS systems such as SIMS and CMIS, and we host regular conferences, inviting specialists working at the cutting edge of learning technology to share their ideas with teachers.

The quality of our service and support has been assessed, and is assured. Additionally, we are  appointed as an approved learning platform supplier to the UK Government Procurement Service (under the IMLS Framework), having demonstrated the quality and value for money of our products and services during a rigorous assessment process.

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