Introducing the online rewards system that incentivises outstanding achievement...

Merits App is an online rewards system like no other. It allows you to make learning fun - at the same time tracking progress and achievements.

What does Merits App do?

Every child that uses Merits App is given an avatar, or character, that represents them on the system. Each time they complete an outstanding piece of work, behave well in class or pass a test, you can award them ‘merits,’ the Merits App currency. They can use these merits to purchase accessories for their avatar, or donate to charity.

What else can it do?

Merits App creates a record of each child’s achievement. Using the in-built results tracking, see where they have worked hard, which tests they have passed and how many merits they have earned. For bad behaviour, you can remove points too. In terms of your Pupil Premium allocation, progress and attainment reporting is perfect for providing the evidence that Ofsted require.

How does it benefit learning?

Awarding merits for good work means learning is incentivised. Children can use the merits they have earned in the online Merits App store - which sells a plethora of extra clothes and accessories for their avatar. They can even donate to charity - meaning children can learn the value of money AND become more socially aware! Because attainment can be evidenced, you can see at-a-glance which children need to improve -and where.

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