Create an online record of pupil achievement with our e-portfolio and safe social network

With Learner Journey, each pupil gets their own private profile, which can be easily customised with video, audio, images, documents, text and more. Over time, learning experiences are recorded, accessible anytime anywhere to evidence development and achievement.

Pupils can connect with other members of the school community, forming an internal, safe social network. Pupils can comment on each other’s profiles, and work on collaborative pages. 

An automatic filter prevents inappropriate language or material being posted, and full administrative control is provided. This means Learner Journey acts as a positive introduction to social networking for younger children.

Older pupils can build their CV’s online, and store learning and exam resources in a central location, helping to track their learning and provide a springboard into employment.

Why choose Learner Journey?

  • User friendly, drag and drop interface makes it easy to use
  • Integrates with Google Accounts, allowing you to embed your Docs and Calendar
  • The perfect e-safety tool - designed to be private and learning centred
  • Creates a central online repository of materials and learning - no more lost paper portfolios
  • Can be taken with pupils when they transfer between schools, or move into employment
  • The perfect tool for creating Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) profiles
  • Promotes reflective learning, collaboration

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