Learning sites: A brand new way to inspire learners and improve quality of teaching...

Learn App is part of a new suite of apps available from Webanywhere. The full Jotter Suite means your school’s website can be fully integrated with all your e-learning in one location.

What does Learn App do?

Learn App is a brand new way to inspire learners and improve quality of teaching. It allows you to build   learning sites - a whole online area, like a website, than you can create for a specific subject, a set piece of homework or a coursework topic. Upload text, pictures, videos, links, scrolling text and more.

What makes Learn App different to a VLE?

Sites can be created in minutes, requiring very little technical ability. As Learn App integrates with your website, and our other new apps, files and resources can be stored in one central place - making finding and adding content easier. Plus, if you already use School Jotter for your school’s website, you’ll find Learn App very familiar as the way you create pages and add content is the same.

What else can it do?

Via the Resources app - which comes with Learn App - you can upload, download and share resources with other staff and other schools. Self-marking tests can be created, just like with our VLE, Learnanywhere. A range of themes means you can customise your learning sites to reflect different topics, classes or events.

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