Integrate School Jotter with SIMS and take advantage of powerful time-saving features

  • Easily manage data in the Broadcast app
  • Quickly deal with student groups in Portfolio and Learn
  • Give parents and students the ability to view their records with MIS Portal


SIMS Integration


Ensure data within School Jotter is kept accurate and up-to-date, automatically. There's no need to manually change information like year groups a huge number of times - simply change it in your MIS system and Jotter will pick it up. This is great for apps such as Learn or Portfolio which rely on user account data to work.

MIS Portal - visualise your data

Using the MIS Portal app you can open out your data and information for viewing by presenting it in a graphical, easy-to-use format. Parents, teachers and students alike can all view data on achievements, behaviour, timetables and more.

Broadcast - get the message out

Using the data from SIMS means you no longer need to worry about manually managing lists of parents, their associated children and their contact details - everything is automatically pulled out of the database, so you can get the message out most effectively.

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