Promote online discussions that encourage peer learning.

The Forum App provides a safe environment for pupils to engage in an online discussion around a set topic or question.

How does the Forum App work?

The Forum App allows you to set open conversations for your students. These can be used to assess pupil understanding of a topic and get thoughts and responses from everybody; something that isn’t always easy to achieve in the classroom. Forums are a great way to kick off any new topic or collect feedback on a recent assignment. They can be accessed from anywhere, making them ideal for homework that involves group work and interaction.

What are the key benefits of the Forum App?

Discussions and peer learning are a key part of school life. The Resources App brings this process online, building pupil confidence by giving everyone the opportunity to contribute and chance to ‘think before they speak’ - ideal for helping quieter students to find their voice in a big group. The Forum App is also a great tool for teaching online etiquette, making sure everybody gets the chance to share and learn together.

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