A single app for school SMS text messaging and email.

Broadcast is a School Jotter App that allows you to send timely, relevant and important messages to your staff, parents or other user groups by text and email.

What does the Broadcast App do?

Broadcast gives you the flexibility to communicate your message and receive responses all in one system. Choose the format that you want to send your message out in - by text or email or by both channels automatically. Accept replies so that people can respond to your message. Get a confirmation report to see who has read your message and who hasn’t.

What difference will Broadcast make to parent communication?

Using both text messaging and email makes communication quick. It also allows you to create templates of regularly used messages and view a history of messages sent. You can send message to specific groups, such as the parents of Year 5 pupils, and collect responses in a single place. Reduce the cost of phone calls and postage significantly and strengthen ties between school and home.

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