Help your children develop their confidence and self-expression.

Blogging is one of the most engaging and rewarding activities that children can do online. It is a fantastic way to develop reading and writing skills, promote peer learning and encourage open reflection on something newly learnt.

What does the Blog App do?

The Blog App is activated under your School Jotter account. Blog posts can be created and shared within the app or published directly to your school website. You might decide to set a blog topic for your class or ask students to keep a weekly log of their learning. Posts can be submitted for you to check and approve before publication. Pupils may be allowed to share or comment on blog posts once they have been published, enhancing the collaborative learning experience.

What are the key features of the Blog App?

The Blog App has a number of features to keep children safe online. Blog posts can be created within the app and shared only with a preselected group of people. As a teacher, you will retain control over the content created with a bad word filter notifying you if anyone is using the app inappropriately. By writing and sharing with others, pupils will learn to use the technology responsibly and gain an awareness of e-safety.

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