Integrating your Moodle VLE with SIMS gives you a wide range of useful options, including:

  • Automated user management
  • Off-site access to SIMS data
  • Reporting in real-time to parents
  • Writeback of assessment data to SIMS

Integration levels

We offer three levels of SIMS integration.

  • Lite– sync your user data with SIMS. This is useful for when you need to add or remove Moodle users at the year-end, for example
  • Read-only– sync your data with SIMS as above and provide real-time reporting on attendance and behaviour for parents
  • Writeback– all the above features with data writeback to SIMS – this means you can use Moodle for registration, for example, and to write assessment data back to the database

Case study

Our teachers no longer need to log into SIMS, they simply log into Moodle, they can then take a register, record behaviour/achievement or generate self-marking courses that write back into the Assessment Module within SIMS directly, therefore entering data just once. Our Year heads can check attendance, see what homework has been completed and what grades are being achieved. Our Parents have the ability to access attendance information, see their son's timetable and monitor homework and coursework progress. And, of course our students benefit from being in control of their own education. They can instantly see how well they're progressing and obtain feedback from their teachers.

Steve Morton, Network Manager, West Derby School

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