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Software and Applications for Schools

Our software solutions are safe, easy to use and effective. From delivering blended learning, to simplifying communication inside and outside of school, our software modules will help you to improve school life.

Below you will find a selection of Webanywhere’s education tools aimed at helping improve both teaching and learning.

surveys software for schools

School Surveys

Gather feedback from parents, pupils and staff via online questionnaires that can be embedded on your website. The simple form builder makes it easy to create custom surveys, or you can use one of the preloaded templates.

surveys app for schools

What does the Surveys App do?

The Surveys App is the perfect tool to gather feedback from staff, students and parents online. Choose from one of several preset questionnaires or create your own in minutes using the simple form builder. Create questions in a variety of formats including multiple choice, text boxes and dropdowns. Embed on your school website or share a unique URL with your audience to start collecting their responses without the hassle of sending paperwork home.

Why is the Surveys App so useful?

The Surveys App is a fantastic way to increase parental engagement and engage with your school community. Whether you’re planning an event or activity, proposing a significant change to the allocation of resources or simply want to have a vote on the new school uniform, the Surveys App is easily adaptable. Save time and eliminate paperwork, speed up the flow of information and analyse results quickly in a single screen report.

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spellings software for schools

Spellings Software

Turn ‘look-cover-write-check’ into a fun, interactive experience for pupils. Either use a preloaded list or quickly create your own custom versions.

A fun and interactive way to get pupils practising their spellings.

How does the Spellings Module work?

The Spellings Module allows you to create fantastic spelling lists in minutes which you can share with your class straight away or at a later date. Either choose from our pre-made lists of dozens of curriculum-focussed tests or create your own. Custom lists can be created for your learners, customised to each child’s ability.

Using the innovative look-cover-write-check method to assess your students gives them the opportunity to learn both spelling and typing skills. Additionally, for accessibility purposes, audio tests are available for words in pre-made tests.

How does the Spelling Module benefit learners?

Spelling tests can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and on any device. One of the best features of the module is its tracking feature – you can set the same test multiple times and track a pupil’s progress over the course of a year, or compare them with their peers. The BrainTrain feature lets you see which words are most commonly misspelled and even lets you take these to create new, more challenging tests.

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Create an online record of achievement for your students.

The ePortfolio Module is an e-portfolio for children that provides a colourful online space for them to upload the work they are proud of and want to share with others.

What does the ePortfolio Module do?

The ePortfolio Module gives your pupils a safe online space to save and display their work in. It can be used to create a digital story of learning – with students uploading text, images, documents and video of their achievements. Portfolios can be shared both inside and outside your school, engaging parents and the local community.

How does the ePortfolio Module benefit learners?

The ePortfolio Module promotes self-reflection and teaches children to be proud of their achievements. It encourages children to be expressive about the things they’ve enjoyed doing and to share that enjoyment with others. It provides a map of learning, allowing children to see their progress from month to month and year to year. Importantly, it allows you as a teacher to comment on any page and give students feedback on what they’ve done well.

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blog for schools


Help your children develop their confidence and self-expression.

Blogging is one of the most engaging and rewarding activities that children can do online. It is a fantastic way to develop reading and writing skills, promote peer learning and encourage open reflection on something newly learnt.

What does the Blog App do?

The Blog App is activated under your School Jotter account. Blog posts can be created and shared within the app or published directly to your school website. You might decide to set a blog topic for your class or ask students to keep a weekly log of their learning. Posts can be submitted for you to check and approve before publication. Pupils may be allowed to share or comment on blog posts once they have been published, enhancing the collaborative learning experience.

What are the key features of the Blog App?

The Blog App has a number of features to keep children safe online. Blog posts can be created within the app and shared only with a preselected group of people. As a teacher, you will retain control over the content created with a bad word filter notifying you if anyone is using the app inappropriately. By writing and sharing with others, pupils will learn to use the technology responsibly and gain an awareness of e-safety.

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SIMS Integration

School Jotter SIMS Integration

Integrate School Jotter with SIMS and take advantage of powerful time-saving features

  • Easily manage data in the Broadcast app
  • Quickly deal with student groups in Portfolio and Learn
  • Give parents and students the ability to view their records with MIS Portal

Ensure data within School Jotter is kept accurate and up-to-date, automatically. There’s no need to manually change information like year groups a huge number of times – simply change it in your MIS system and Jotter will pick it up. This is great for apps such as Learn or Portfolio which rely on user account data to work.

MIS Portal – visualise your data

Using the MIS Portal app you can open out your data and information for viewing by presenting it in a graphical, easy-to-use format. Parents, teachers and students alike can all view data on achievements, behaviour, timetables and more.

Broadcast – get the message out

Using the data from SIMS means you no longer need to worry about manually managing lists of parents, their associated children and their contact details – everything is automatically pulled out of the database, so you can get the message out most effectively.

sims integration

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forum module

Forum Module

The Forum Module provides a safe environment for pupils to engage in an online discussion around a set topic or question.

How does the Forum Module work?

The Forum Module allows you to set open conversations for your students. These can be used to assess pupil understanding of a topic and get thoughts and responses from everybody; something that isn’t always easy to achieve in the classroom. Forums are a great way to kick off any new topic or collect feedback on a recent assignment. They can be accessed from anywhere, making them ideal for homework that involves group work and interaction.

What are the key benefits of the Forum Module?

Discussions and peer learning are a key part of school life. The Resources App brings this process online, building pupil confidence by giving everyone the opportunity to contribute and chance to ‘think before they speak’ – ideal for helping quieter students to find their voice in a big group. The Forum App is also a great tool for teaching online etiquette, making sure everybody gets the chance to share and learn together.

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Introducing the online rewards system that incentivises outstanding achievement…

The Merits module is an online rewards system like no other. It allows you to make learning fun – at the same time tracking progress and achievements.

What does Merits App do?

Every child that uses Merits App is given an avatar, or character, that represents them on the system. Each time they complete an outstanding piece of work, behave well in class or pass a test, you can award them ‘merits,’ the Merits App currency. They can use these merits to purchase accessories for their avatar, or donate to charity.

What else can it do?

Merits App creates a record of each child’s achievement. Using the in-built results tracking, see where they have worked hard, which tests they have passed and how many merits they have earned. For bad behaviour, you can remove points too. In terms of your Pupil Premium allocation, progress and attainment reporting is perfect for providing the evidence that Ofsted require.

How does it benefit learning?

Awarding merits for good work means learning is incentivised. Children can use the merits they have earned in the online Merits App store – which sells a plethora of extra clothes and accessories for their avatar. They can even donate to charity – meaning children can learn the value of money AND become more socially aware! Because attainment can be evidenced, you can see at-a-glance which children need to improve -and where.


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Learning sites: A brand new way to inspire learners and improve quality of teaching…

Learn App is part of a new suite of apps available from Webanywhere. The full Jotter Suite means your school’s website can be fully integrated with all your e-learning in one location.

What does Learn App do?

Learn App is a brand new way to inspire learners and improve quality of teaching. It allows you to build learning sites – a whole online area, like a website, than you can create for a specific subject, a set piece of homework or a coursework topic. Upload text, pictures, videos, links, scrolling text and more.

What makes Learn App different to a VLE?

Sites can be created in minutes, requiring very little technical ability. As Learn App integrates with your website, and our other new apps, files and resources can be stored in one central place – making finding and adding content easier. Plus, if you already use School Jotter for your school’s website, you’ll find Learn App very familiar as the way you create pages and add content is the same.

What else can it do?

Via the Resources app – which comes with Learn App – you can upload, download and share resources with other staff and other schools. Self-marking tests can be created, just like with our VLE, Learnanywhere. A range of themes means you can customise your learning sites to reflect different topics, classes or events.


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If you would like to speak to one of our education team about any of the above products, please use the contact form or ring us on 0113 3200 750.