As ICT and e-learning technology has developed, expectations of e-learning providers have grown in parallel. Our e-learning solutions are designed first and foremost for the requirements of users, not technicians.

The best deal for e-learners and educators

We'll give you the, best value for money on intuitive and feature-rich platforms, whose designs extend to the specific needs of every e-learner. We stretch beyond with bespoke specifications, lightning fast set up and responsive, supportive post-sale service.

We offer user seminars, regular health checks and the provision of e-learning content to ensure that the maintenance of your system doesn't become a barrier to its future development.

We simply stretch beyond...

Always in front of the market

We set the benchmark for turning ideas into product deliverables within a matter of days, with the perfect solution for your school or business. We take the latest industry innovations and mould them into user-centred design concepts and products that extend beyond today's competition.

Recoil at upfront investment? Not with Webanywhere!

You'll get more for less - award winning product packages with a clear pricing that won't stretch your budget. Take advantage of the financial freedom offered by our unique pay-as-you-go approach. Absorb into your budget and enjoy a complete e-learning or web design solution for a fraction of the price you might have expected to pay elsewhere.

Simple ordering, quick delivery

We won't charge you by the hour for talking to our designers, nor waste your time on numerous rounds of design options.

We know what works best so that once your software is delivered you can spend your time more productively, tailoring your content to your specific needs (of course, we can help with content provision and training in use of your system should you need it). Order in minutes and have your system live in days.

Expanding with your learners' knowledge

As your knowledge base grows, you can add new features or expand your website with extras and add-ons to your system. Our after-sales support network ensures you'll be kept abreast of all our latest developments.

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