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The West Bridgford School

The West Bridgford School have been a Webanywhere Moodle customer for over four years, and in that time have turned their Moodle from a new and untested system to something firmly embedded in the school.

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Case details

Client name:
The West Bridgford School
West Bridgford, England
Education Solutions

Given that VLE uptake can ofen be one of the more challenging aspects of their introduction, it’s fantastic to see a school where integration is seen as a fact of life rather than a hurdle to overcome.

In addition to being used for document storage and transfer, West Bridgford are taking great advantage of the sofware for its assignment capabilities, creating sets of homework weeks in advance then releasing them when needed with minimal effort required.

Webanywhere have formed a fantastic relationship with West Bridgford, one which the school has gone so far as to describe as “almost like a development partnership”, including features such as:

  • Frontline support as standard for emergency issues
  • Direct access to and consultations with an experienced account manager
  • Meetings with developers
  • Suggesting the direction Moodle development is taking at the company

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When you walk down the corridor, students talk about Moodle like it’s just another part of everyday life … it’s just “there”, like the walls or windows, part of the fabric of education – it’s the normal way of running things in the school.

Mark Deans, Deputy Headteacher, The West Bridgford School

If you’re willing to put the efort in and load it with content, Moodle will reward you with better teaching and less overall work. Our relationship with Webanywhere has been a long-term one, and it’s really felt more like a partnership at times. When it came to looking to renew our contract, there really was no question of us going anywhere else.

Mark Deans, Deputy Headteacher, The West Bridgford School

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