10 Mar
Curb Your Enthusiasm Missed Assignments and Classes with Push Notifications
Category: Education Technology, School Webs...
My phone carrier sends a push notification to my mobile when my data is low. My Spanish app does the same when I haven’t practiced for a few days…. Or weeks… Okay you caught me,...
03 Feb
The future of mobile: Making the most of your app
Category: e-Learning Resources, Education T...
On average people spend around 86 minutes a day using the internet on their phones compared to 36 minutes on a desktop. It’s no surprise then that schools now find it easi...
01 Aug
Tech savvy teacher
What Does the Tech Savvy Teacher Really Look Like?
Category: e-Learning Resources, ICT Tips, S...
We have all heard someone talk about or be referred to as a ‘tech savvy teacher’, but what does that mean? They use their interactive whiteboard everyday and can programme a flo...
25 Nov
5 ways to use Social media in the Secondary Classroom
Category: Lesson Ideas, Social Media
Social media can have a very positive impact on teaching and learning in the secondary classroom. Here are 5 examples of safe and engaging learning activities that make use of S...
24 Oct
GCSE English Resources for Lord of the Flies
Category: Lesson Ideas
  Lord of the Flies contains a number of themes and concepts which pupils often find quite difficult to comprehend. This worksheet looks at the context in which William Gol...
14 Oct
Teaching Resources: To Kill a Mockingbird
Category: Lesson Ideas
A selection of free resources to use when teaching Harper Lee’s classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. You can use this document to help pupils understand the context in which th...
11 Oct
Teaching Resources: Animal Farm
Category: Lesson Ideas
A set of free teaching Resources and ideas relating to Animal Farm by George Orwell. This Script Writing Activity combines text analysis with a piece of creative writing. The ac...
07 Oct
Black History Month resources
Category: Lesson Ideas
Black History Month These resources are designed to give teachers some activities and lesson ideas for use during Black History Month. They could be used as starters, plenaries,...
05 Oct
Category: School Website Content
What is Differentiation? Differentiation is making the learning appropriate to the individual needs of a learner. This can come in several forms: Making an activity accessible t...
23 Sep
What makes our VLE different
Category: Uncategorized
Well to start with we don’t simply provide an ‘out of the box’ VLE – Our VLE is fully customised to suit your needs including, A bespoke theme designed f...
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