10 Mar
Curb Your Enthusiasm Missed Assignments and Classes with Push Notifications
Category: Education Technology, School Webs...
My phone carrier sends a push notification to my mobile when my data is low. My Spanish app does the same when I haven’t practiced for a few days…. Or weeks… Okay you caught me,...
03 Feb
The future of mobile: Making the most of your app
Category: e-Learning Resources, Education T...
On average people spend around 86 minutes a day using the internet on their phones compared to 36 minutes on a desktop. It’s no surprise then that schools now find it easi...
01 Aug
Tech savvy teacher
What Does the Tech Savvy Teacher Really Look Like?
Category: e-Learning Resources, ICT Tips, S...
We have all heard someone talk about or be referred to as a ‘tech savvy teacher’, but what does that mean? They use their interactive whiteboard everyday and can programme a flo...
25 Nov
5 ways to use Social media in the Secondary Classroom
Category: Lesson Ideas, Social Media
Social media can have a very positive impact on teaching and learning in the secondary classroom. Here are 5 examples of safe and engaging learning activities that make use of S...
24 Oct
GCSE English Resources for Lord of the Flies
Category: Lesson Ideas
  Lord of the Flies contains a number of themes and concepts which pupils often find quite difficult to comprehend. This worksheet looks at the context in which William Gol...
14 Oct
Teaching Resources: To Kill a Mockingbird
Category: Lesson Ideas
A selection of free resources to use when teaching Harper Lee’s classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. You can use this document to help pupils understand the context in which th...
11 Oct
Teaching Resources: Animal Farm
Category: Lesson Ideas
A set of free teaching Resources and ideas relating to Animal Farm by George Orwell. This Script Writing Activity combines text analysis with a piece of creative writing. The ac...
05 Oct
Differentiation | Webanywhere Blog
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