28 Sep
KS2 science: photosynthesis
Category: Lesson Ideas
Photosynthesis is an area that can be taught through active learning methods. Preparation: Pupils will be given the following roles which can be visualised by using bibs or apro...
27 Sep
KS2 science: planets and orbits
Category: Lesson Ideas
KS2 science: planets and orbits Teaching planets and orbits can be great fun with active learning opportunities for pupils to represent the different orbits of planets in our so...
21 Sep
KS2 science: circuits
Category: Lesson Ideas
KS2 science: circuits This video is an ideal introduction to basic circuits which can be used to remind pupils about the topic before they start conducting experiments. There is...
11 Sep
KS2 science: changing state of materials
Category: Lesson Ideas
KS2 science: changing state of materials. Pupils often find it hard to understand why changes in the state of some materials can be reversed whilst others can’t. In this p...
16 Aug
KS1 Science Lesson: Healthy Teeth
Category: Lesson Ideas
Lesson Ideas: KS1 Science, Healthy Teeth. Lesson ideas by Dan Moorhouse, AST. Learning ideas The Science video above is one a a large collection of introductory videos that we h...
14 Jul
Free Science Resources
Category: Learnanywhere
We’ve begun adding a range of videos and quizzes to our Free resources section. All of these are available for use within your VLE or school website through use of an embe...
09 Apr
Bringing science to life with ICT
Category: ICT Tips, Lesson Ideas
The most memorable Science lessons I can remember, both as a child and teacher, have involved being active. Whilst some subjects lend themselves to textbooks and writing, Scienc...