10 Mar
Curb Your Enthusiasm Missed Assignments and Classes with Push Notifications
Category: Education Technology, School Webs...
My phone carrier sends a push notification to my mobile when my data is low. My Spanish app does the same when I haven’t practiced for a few days…. Or weeks… Okay you caught me,...
03 Feb
The future of mobile: Making the most of your app
Category: e-Learning Resources, Education T...
On average people spend around 86 minutes a day using the internet on their phones compared to 36 minutes on a desktop. It’s no surprise then that schools now find it easi...
30 Oct
Bonfire Night Teaching Resources: KS1, 2 & 3 Activities & Plans
Category: Lesson Ideas
Many teachers will be looking for Bonfire Night teaching resources in the run up to the 5th of November. Here we have put together some of the best pages and websites with ideas...
24 Oct
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot: Resources
Category: Featured Posts, Lesson Ideas
In late October and early November, many teachers will be planning lessons on Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, so we’ve updated this post containing some useful download...
07 Oct
Black History Month resources
Category: Lesson Ideas
Black History Month These resources are designed to give teachers some activities and lesson ideas for use during Black History Month. They could be used as starters, plenaries,...
28 Sep
KS2 science: photosynthesis
Category: Lesson Ideas
Photosynthesis is an area that can be taught through active learning methods. Preparation: Pupils will be given the following roles which can be visualised by using bibs or apro...
27 Sep
KS2 science: planets and orbits
Category: Lesson Ideas
KS2 science: planets and orbits Teaching planets and orbits can be great fun with active learning opportunities for pupils to represent the different orbits of planets in our so...
25 Sep
Learnanywhere – VLE for Primary Schools
Category: Learnanywhere, VLEs
What makes Learnanywhere different from other primary learning platforms? Well Learnanywhere has been designed specifically for primary schools, giving you all the functionality...
24 Sep
Paintanywhere – Online painting and drawing from Webanywhere
Category: Products
Click here to see our Paintanywhere – Online painting and drawing from Webanywhere video. The transcript and video can also be found below: Paintanywhere lets children cre...
21 Sep
KS2 science: circuits
Category: Lesson Ideas
KS2 science: circuits This video is an ideal introduction to basic circuits which can be used to remind pupils about the topic before they start conducting experiments. There is...