25 Oct
esafety in primary schools
eSafety: Ways to Help Safeguard your Primary School
Category: e-Safety, Education Technology
A Digital World As our world continues to move online, it is becoming obvious that we are living in a digital age. From communication to finding information, the internet has be...
10 Jan
Top Tips for eSafety
Category: e-Safety, School Website Design
How often do you use the internet? Whether it’s checking Twitter, emails or online banking, the average adult spends up to 27 hours a week online (The Telegraph), and this numbe...
02 Mar
Cyber Crime
How to avoid getting phished
Category: e-Safety, School Website Content,...
“Phishing” is what happens when someone manages to get control of your username and password through pretending to be in a position of authority. It can take many forms, from fa...
07 Dec
Staying secure online with Webanywhere
Category: e-Safety, ICT Tips, School Websit...
As the UK’s largest provider of school websites, website security is of course an issue of utmost importance to us, and your security as customers is paramount. Here’s a list of...
13 Feb
IMG_5304 (1)
Webanywhere Launches Learner Journey
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Last night saw Webanywhere launch Learner Journey here in Keighley. Learner Journey is the new pupil e-portfolio system that allows learners to showcase their proudest achieveme...