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26 Jun
Sophie Gradon
In Memory of Sophie Gradon
Category: Company News
What a beautiful, honest lady. I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie a couple of months ago at our anti-bullying conference. Sophie was joined by her good friend Zara Holland, To...
22 Jun
jotter apple app store - school mobile app
[Press Release] School Jotter App Trending on the Apple App Store
Category: Bespoke School Websites, Jotter M...
Webanywhere’s school mobile app, School Jotter, is trending on the Apple App Store as one of the best Education apps in the market. School Jotter, a UK school mobile app has bee...
01 Jun
Alexa for schools
Alexa Skills for Schools
Category: Education Technology
With the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa cloud based voice service, a whole world of interactivity between voice and technology has been opened. The key question for me however i...
31 May
school mobile apps
Bespoke School Website Design: What are the Advantages
Category: Bespoke School Websites, School W...
Here at Webanywhere, we offer bespoke school web design and development services that provide schools with unique and highly functional websites, which are scalable, tailored to...
15 May
Interview with Aaron
Interview with our Rising Star Intern: Aaron Kannenkeril
Category: Company News
This week we were excited to interview our Marketing Intern, Aaron from Ermysted’s Grammar School. Although he has been with us for a short amount of time, we have had a b...
02 May
School web design 2018
School Web Design Trends for 2018
Category: Bespoke School Websites, School W...
As a school, your school web design is your first impression. That means it’s also where your conversion opportunity lies – if you want to attract new parents/guardians and incr...
25 Apr
drone footage for school websites
Drone Footage – The Next Big Thing for School Websites
Category: Bespoke School Websites, Educatio...
The world of videography is changing rapidly with the introduction of affordable drones in the market. Their ability to carry HD cameras and fly over inaccessible areas makes th...
23 Apr
education technology
EdTech is big business [Podcast]
Category: Education Technology
Transcript: 1. EdTech is big business “Investors state around 8.15 billion dollars in education technology in 2017 so EdTech is big business.” 2. $9.5 billion EdTech...
23 Feb
cyber security
Keeping your School Website Secure in 2018
Category: School Website Design
A recent study has found that the vast majority of school and education websites do a poor job of protecting their browsers security and privacy. Whether it’s tracking tools use...
20 Feb
responsive school web design
Why All School Websites Must Be Responsive
Category: Bespoke School Websites, School W...
When designing or redesigning a school website, there are a myriad of things to consider. One of which is how accessible and user friendly the site will be on mobile and tablet ...