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29 Jan
12 Steps to GDPR for Schools [Podcast]
Category: Bespoke School Websites, School W...
Listen to our short podcast explaining how schools should approach GDPR:
22 Jan
ssl certificate for school websites
Do School Websites Need SSL Certificates?
Category: Education Technology, School Webs...
To someone running a school website, it’s not always clear which developments in the web you need to follow. Many websites are commercial projects and so what matters to them ma...
18 Jan
school website design
Great Ideas for School Website Design
Category: School Jotter, School Website Con...
Your school website design is an important part of your school’s presence in the world. It’s a line of communication with parents, a way of celebrating your achievements, and a ...
12 Jan
mobile apps vs mobile friendly
Mobile Website Versus Mobile App: Why Your School Needs Both
Category: Education Technology, Ofsted, Sch...
Today, there’s an app for almost everything. Just by downloading an app, you can make certain aspects of your everyday life easier: it may help you plan your schedule, track you...
02 Jan
Best UK School Websites
The Best UK School Websites for 2018
Category: Education Technology
Your website is your school’s chance to make a powerful first impression. If someone with no knowledge of your school’s past achievements, results, or history arrived on your si...
01 Dec
e-safety, safety
E-safety and Safeguarding in Primary Schools
Category: School Website Design
How you can better protect children’s safety online. Protecting children online is one of the biggest challenges for a modern primary school. Children grow up surrounded by smar...
23 Nov
Ofsted Inspections: Understanding Their Impact and Achieving an Outstanding Rating
Category: School Website Design
Ofsted reports have become a critically divisive issue in recent years. The government’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services, and Skills is committed to inspe...
20 Nov
stress in primary schools
Reducing Stress in Your Primary School
Category: School Website Design
Many of us may remember our days at primary school as fun, nourishing, and care-free. However, in recent years, more and more primary school pupils have exhibited signs of stres...
17 Nov
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Preparing Your Primary School for the New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Category: Education Technology, School Webs...
Our world is becoming increasingly dependent on digital data. Most aspects of our personal and professional lives (banking, paying bills, socialising, buying groceries etc.) can...
15 Nov
classroom video
How Video is Being Used as a Tool for Teachers to Share Best Practice
Category: Education Technology, School Webs...
It is something widely accepted that the best educators share with their peers. Whether this be ideas, resources or advice, the way people convey this information in the workpla...