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29 Oct
responsive school website design
A Guide to Responsive School Website Design
Category: School Website Content, School We...
One of the most difficult decisions parents make is choosing which school their children will attend. We all want the best for our little ones. We all want to know they’re learn...
15 Oct
How School Mobile Apps Boost Parental Engagement
How School Mobile Apps Boost Parental Engagement
Category: Education Technology, Jotter Mobile
Technology has already had a massive impact on the education sector, and none more so than mobile technology. We almost take for granted the fact that all manner of information ...
09 Oct
school website design trends for 2019
Top School Website Design Trends for 2019
Category: School Website Design
Website design is a constantly evolving entity, meaning that any industry engaging with the Internet needs to constantly evolve as well. Keeping abreast with the top web design ...
27 Sep
school mobile app
Best School Mobile App from Webanywhere
Category: Jotter Mobile
Webanywhere’s School Jotter mobile app offers your school a versatile and bespoke digital gateway that enables engagement with stakeholders and the local community, promotes you...
20 Sep
ofsted requirements for schools
Ofsted Requirements 2018/2019 – What Schools Must Publish Online
Category: School Website Content
The Department for Education updated the Ofsted requirements on the 24th May 2018. To help you check if everything is up to date and get an outstanding rating, we have compiled ...
17 Sep
parental engagement
Simple ways to increase Parental Engagement
Category: Education Technology
Increasing parental engagement can bring a wide range of benefits to any nursery or school. Studies have shown that it can improve the home learning environment, help with behav...
13 Sep
Webanywhere School Awards
Webanywhere School Awards 2018
Category: Company News
In another record year for growth and adoption of our school websites and mobile apps, our clients will be presented with monthly awards in recognition for their contribution to...
28 Aug
school mobile apps
The Best UK School Mobile App for 2018
Category: mLearning, Parent Messenger, Scho...
Your mobile app is your school’s chance to boost parental engagement. It’s a sad fact that teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep parents engaged with what’s goi...
21 Aug
school websites - web design
Top 6 UK School Websites in 2018: Web Design Inspiration
Category: Education Technology, School Webs...
It is important to acknowledge that schools in Britain struggle to afford fancy, futuristic school websites with impressive web design because of restraint budgets. However, som...
10 Jul
Wiktoria Intern
Welcome Wiktoria Plata, our newest intern!
Category: Uncategorized
We were excited to interview our newest Marketing Intern, Wiktoria from Keighley’s Holy Family Catholic School. Although she has been with us for a short amount of time, w...