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20 Mar
staying safe online
Seven top tips for staying safe online
Category: Education Technology
The internet is a great way to chat with friends, stay connected and learn new things. But the online world can also be dangerous, and it’s important to know how to stay s...
07 Jan
best school mobile apps
The 8 Best School Mobile Apps of 2019
Category: Education Technology, School Jott...
The humble mobile app has transformed numerous aspects of daily life. Our social media apps give us the freedom to chat with people all over the world in seconds. Our banking ap...
03 Jan
The Best UK School Websites for 2019
The Best UK School Websites for 2019
Category: School Website Design
Every school needs a great website. It’s that simple. This is your chance to entice, engage and impress potential / existing pupils and their parents. Take a look at your websit...
29 Nov
Bett 2019
Webanywhere Announces Participation in the Bett Show 2019
Category: Company News
Webanywhere, a leading school website design, mobile app and software provider, today announced its participation in Bett 2019, one of the leading annual trade shows in the Unit...
28 Nov
parents evening system
What is the Best Parents’ Evening System?
Category: Education Technology
Parents’ evenings are a common fixture in schools across the UK. These offer a valuable opportunity to discuss points (both good and bad) and ultimately build a stronger connect...
26 Nov
Best Primary School Website Design Provider
Selecting the Best Primary School Website Design Provider
Category: Bespoke School Websites, School W...
Every parent wants to send their child to the best primary school, but how do they know which will help get their little one’s education off to a great start? Research is a cruc...
01 Nov
Michael Marks Webanywhere managing director
[Press Release] Webanywhere appoint new Management Team
Category: Company News
After 15 years of running Webanywhere as a successful self funded EdTech business, founder and Chairman Sean Gilligan has appointed Michael Marks as its new Managing Director. M...
30 Oct
A Guide to Teaching Spelling in Primary Schools
A Guide to Teaching Spelling in Primary Schools
Category: Products
Spelling is a fundamental literacy skill that enables children to develop strong writing skills as they grow. Poor spelling can interfere with our ability to communicate effecti...
29 Oct
responsive school website design
A Guide to Responsive School Website Design
Category: School Website Content, School We...
One of the most difficult decisions parents make is choosing which school their children will attend. We all want the best for our little ones. We all want to know they’re learn...
15 Oct
How School Mobile Apps Boost Parental Engagement
How School Mobile Apps Boost Parental Engagement
Category: Education Technology, Jotter Mobile
Technology has already had a massive impact on the education sector, and none more so than mobile technology. We almost take for granted the fact that all manner of information ...