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23 Apr
school social media
6 Ways to Make Your School’s Social Media Posts More Engaging
Category: School Website Content
Social media is becoming an essential tool in education and can help with planning lessons, building the school community and staying connected with parents. Many schools want t...
18 Apr
Social Media from a Mum’s Point of View
Social Media from a Mum’s Point of View
Category: Tips and Tricks
We are now in a completely different society from when I was growing up. Children are now best friends with their phone rather than the children next door. There is more pressur...
28 Mar
school website Ofsted standards
Is your school website up to Ofsted standards?
Category: Ofsted, School Website Content, S...
Your school website provides the first impression to potential pupils, and it’s also a requirement to make sure it’s complying with Ofsted standards. Ofsted will often review a ...
28 Mar
Voice messaging technology in SEN schools
Voice messaging technology could improve teacher to parent communication in SEN schools
Category: Education Technology
Voice messaging app Sound Branch is not only set to get people talking again but is also hoping to improve methods of communication between teachers and parents in special educa...
28 Mar
fundraise through your school website
How to fundraise through your school website
Category: School Website Content, School We...
Schools need funding. It’s a fact which transcends politics; when you’re dealing with our children’s futures and the security of the next generation, you need to make sure...
20 Mar
staying safe online
Seven top tips for staying safe online
Category: Education Technology
The internet is a great way to chat with friends, stay connected and learn new things. But the online world can also be dangerous, and it’s important to know how to stay s...
07 Jan
best school mobile apps
The 8 Best School Mobile Apps of 2019
Category: Education Technology, School Jott...
The humble mobile app has transformed numerous aspects of daily life. Our social media apps give us the freedom to chat with people all over the world in seconds. Our banking ap...
03 Jan
The Best UK School Websites for 2019
The Best UK School Websites for 2019
Category: School Website Design
Every school needs a great website. It’s that simple. This is your chance to entice, engage and impress potential / existing pupils and their parents. Take a look at your websit...
29 Nov
Bett 2019
Webanywhere Announces Participation in the Bett Show 2019
Category: Company News
Webanywhere, a leading school website design, mobile app and software provider, today announced its participation in Bett 2019, one of the leading annual trade shows in the Unit...
28 Nov
parents evening system
What is the Best Parents’ Evening System?
Category: Education Technology
Parents’ evenings are a common fixture in schools across the UK. These offer a valuable opportunity to discuss points (both good and bad) and ultimately build a stronger connect...