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13 Oct
Homeschooling Resources
The Latest Podcasts from the School Jotter Team
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There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting guidance from the Department for Education, has continued to effect the way our schools are able to run now and ...
30 Jul
How Coronavirus Could Change The Future Of Education - Webanywhere
eLearning: How Coronavirus Could Change the Future of Education
Category: Education Technology, Technologies
Online learning has become increasingly vital to education since the onset of COVID-19. What lessons can we take from this shift away from the classroom?
05 Jun
Home Schooling How To Keep Children Engaged In Learning During Lockdown
Homeschooling: How to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Engaged in Learning During the Lockdown
Category: Education Technology
Keeping children engaged in learning is proving tough for many UK families during the lockdown. We share 5 tips on how to engage your children in learning...
07 May
Homeschooling Resources
Homeschooling: Free Resources for Parents and Guardians During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Category: Education Technology
Homeschooling has become the new normal for millions of us in 2020. Here are some fantastic free educational resources to make life that little bit easier.
20 Apr
5 Steps to Success for Online Lessons
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It’s the start of a new term, yet Summer 2020 is like no term any teacher has ever experienced. The ongoing global pandemic has changed everything we know about teaching and it’...
30 May
parental involvement and engagement in MATs Multi Academy Trusts
How Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) Can Improve Communications with Parents
Category: Education Technology
Multi Academy Trusts is an academy trust that operates more than one academy school. They differ from state schools as the academy can decide what the money funded by the govern...
09 May
Phonics Learning
Using Audio in Phonics Learning
Category: Education Technology
Phonic learning is the method used in schools across the UK to teach children how to read. It involves sounding out words and vowels and “blending” them to demonstrate how diffe...
28 Mar
Voice messaging technology in SEN schools
Voice messaging technology could improve teacher to parent communication in SEN schools
Category: Education Technology
Voice messaging app Sound Branch is not only set to get people talking again but is also hoping to improve methods of communication between teachers and parents in special educa...
20 Mar
staying safe online
Seven top tips for staying safe online
Category: Education Technology
The internet is a great way to chat with friends, stay connected and learn new things. But the online world can also be dangerous, and it’s important to know how to stay s...
07 Jan
best school mobile apps
The 8 Best School Mobile Apps of 2019
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The humble mobile app has transformed numerous aspects of daily life. Our social media apps give us the freedom to chat with people all over the world in seconds. Our banking ap...