How School Mobile Apps are Engaging Students and Parents

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We’re living in a world that never stops. Parents, students and teachers are all expected to be on the go all the time. Children need to be participating in clubs, societies and extra-curricular activities to make sure their school-life is well-rounded. Parents have to manage their children’s hectic schedules as well as their own, and teachers are expected to be contactable out-of-hours for even the smallest query.

Everyone is busier than ever before and alongside this, there are more distractions than ever. Social media popping up with push notifications, that dreaded work email dropping in at any unseemly hour of the night and texts from your friends about the latest drama on Love Island – it’s nearly impossible to not be distracted by your mobile phone. Therefore, finding a way to capture the attention and aid in the engagement of parents with schools is key.

Technology can often be seen as a hindrance to getting and maintaining attention (with technology being linked to shorter attention spans in both children and adults). However, we are now living in a generation that uses mobile for everything. Parents are expected to be able to juggle full-time work and running around after their children’s ever-growing list of extracurricular activities whilst keeping on top of the household tasks.

The only way of being able to keep on top of everything with ease, is through the use of mobile devices. Doing the weekly food shop, booking holidays and even ordering your morning coffee, there’s an app, a website or a widget for all aspects of life. Staying organised should be easier than ever, however, the area that is lacking in this technological field is education. To ensure that your school isn’t the dropped ball in the juggle of life, a school mobile app, such as School Jotter, is the only way of being able to compete for parental engagement.

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School mobile apps, if integrated properly with the school website, can really make life easier for staff, students and parents. Push notifications can act as reminders for upcoming events that could be forgotten or for any urgent news (such as school closures). This notification system is one of the key ways School Jotter helps to engage students and parents. A school mobile app stops the problem of forgetting the school play or sports day, and reminds parents when they most need reminding.

Parental engagement often leads to student engagement. Parents who are more involved in the life of the school, are generally able to support their children more thoroughly through all aspects of school life. Students who receive more support from both staff and parents are able to participate in more societies and get stuck in to the life of the school more easily. They’re less likely to miss key events, such as the Christmas trip to the local pantomime or the weekend football match, which also helps them to form stronger social networks, making their whole school experience more enjoyable.

The best school mobile apps, such as School Jotter, are intuitive to use by both students and parents. So whether it’s the student checking whether they need their PE kit that day, or the parent seeing when it’s parents’ evening on Thursday or Friday, everyone can find exactly what they need, when they need it.

School mobile apps also act as a way to draw new parents and students in. By using a high-quality school mobile app, schools appear sleek, modern and professional where it counts, and due to app customisability, schools are able to reflect the personal and friendly approach they take towards education. With the School Jotter app, schools are able to engage parents from the very beginning of the education process. Creating consistent parental engagement throughout the child’s education is the key to schooling success.

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As well as using the school mobile app as a way of engaging potential parents and students, an app is the perfect way to improve the education the children receive. With the school calendar integrated into the app and push notifications as standard, parents, children and staff are always kept up-to-date with the latest events and schedules in the school timetable. This allows parents to support their offspring more effectively through exam times, homework, and times of additional learning, as well as ensuring that they are fully prepared for everything that the school day throws at them from an extra-curricular perspective.

Moreover, school mobile apps often are able to incorporate the ‘news’ or ‘blog’ section from the school’s website. This section allows for parents to be able to read features written by pupils (alongside news posted by staff) in real-time, making the app efficient as well as entertaining and more personal. Being able to read their self-written articles on an app is a great way of encouraging pupils to not only improve their writing and journalism skills, but also to boost their interest in technology from a content-development perspective. Through the use of these features, a school mobile app is a simple, effective and fun way of engaging both parents and students.

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School mobile apps open up an array of new and interactive ways of helping to engage students and parents. By using a high quality, easy-to-use and fully integrated app, schools are able to provide a system that helps keep parents up to date, whilst providing a platform that strengthens the support network of the student, leading to better grades, better involvement and a richer learning experience.

School mobile apps are the perfect way of encouraging parent and student engagement. The calendar feature ensures staff, students and pupils are all on the same page, and the app works efficiently as a central hub for important information. Ofsted reports, school policies on eg bullying, uniform lists, and school holiday timetables are all available at the swipe of a fingertip.

Using a school mobile app allows the school to support both the parents and pupils throughout their education from start to finish. With not having the excuse of a misplaced newsletter or forgotten email, parents are able to use the app as an all-in-one school resource, helping to ensure that all the aspects of the child’s education are supported thoroughly.

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