School Jotter 2.5 – More than just a School Website

We understand that the Internet is a game changer in the way we communicate and engage with parents, teachers and learners. With this in mind, we have developed School Jotter 2.5, which is so much more than just a school website. We have extended the platform with the addition of modules – which not only streamline administration within your school – but also take learning and teaching to a new level.

School Jotter 2.5 allows learners, parents and teachers to access all the information they need at anytime, from anywhere. Complete with unlimited cloud storage, there’ll be no more searching through your hard drive for the right version of a Word document. With so many of your school forms and files now online, School Jotter 2.5 can also help to greatly decrease your administration time. Even better, the kids can become contributors to the website by posting their own blogs.

School Jotter 2.5

Furthermore, every teacher can easily and quickly create their own website for setting homework, sharing best practice, and more. This is also great for when teachers move on to pastures new, as the school can still retain their worksheets and digital content for future use. These learning resources can be shared within and between schools.

School Jotter Modules

School Jotter 2.5 integrates with Microsoft’s Office 365, which means that all of your important Word and Excel documents that are stored in the cloud can be accessed from School Jotter 2.5 wherever, whenever.

In the past, headteachers, bursars or perhaps subject teachers would control the website. School Jotter 2.5 allows everyone with access and logins to participate. So whether its a governor logging into the secure area of the website for the latest meeting minutes, or Ofsted logging in to see learner journeys, every authorised user can partake.

With unlimited users, storage and training, upgrade to School Jotter 2.5 TODAY and your school can save £500 on the recommended retail price.

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P.S. Your school can be upgraded from School Jotter 2 to School Jotter 2.5 instantaneously with no downtime or installation, as our software is web based.

P.P.S. Your school will receive free, ongoing training and support to ensure that both you and your school will be able to make the most out of your website, and help you to drive forward your school development plans and near term objectives.

Author: Webanywhere