Why you need to learn more about Moodle 3.2

Most of you will have probably heard about Moodle – the learning platform used in countless schools, colleges, businesses and bedrooms around the world. It is designed by educators for educators, which is one of the reasons why it has been so popular.

But when I mention Moodle 3.2 complete with the new Boost theme, I hear lots of you say, “Huh?” “Boost?” “What?”

So for those of you who don’t know, Boost is a new minimalist update that makes Moodle navigation much easier. It adapts perfectly to a variety of screen sizes, and it is therefore very much a mobile-first design. This makes it perfect for learning on the go – an emerging trend when you consider that most areas of education are going mobile, from revision materials to language learning to school mobile apps.

It also has a range of great new features which will help make learning easier, including product walkthroughs, easier navigation, notification and message settings similar to our favourite social media sites, and much more.

This makes Moodle 3.2 an important resource for schools. Not only can students learn at their own pace in a personalised environment, they can do it easily, from anywhere, without having to worry about all those homework sheets the dog ate.

To help those of you who have made the switch, or are considering going Boost, we’ve organised a free webinar with one of our product experts Keith, where he will discussing Moodle 3.2 with the new boost theme, how to increase user engagement, and will be answering your questions.

Author: Pano Savvidis