e-Safety: Anti Cyberbullying Videos

The dangers of cyberbullying

Recent research by the Diana Award charity has suggested that more than a quarter of children being cyber bullied don’t report it.

Now, with text messages, prank phone calls and posts on social networks all being used to bully young people, it’s essential for teachers to educate students on how to keep safe when using new technology.

Anti cyberbullying videos

Engaging your students with video

To help engage children in this important topic, we’ve found 3 of the best cyberbullying videos for you to use. While there are many ways to teach the subject, we believe using interactive resources is always a good starting point when introducing a topic your pupils.

Using the Digizen lesson pack

Digizen has an award winning short film, complete with a teacher’s guide and lesson plan.

The film, about a teenager bullied via mobile and on the web, shows how the issue can effect many different people. From the bully, to the boy’s teacher, everyone gives their opinions in separate interviews.

With follow up activities including a group discussion and online game, the resource will challenge young learners perception of the how they use mobiles and the web.

Stimulating discussion with BBC Learning Zone

This clip, based on a true story, can help educate your pupils about online safety. After the main character makes a video of herself singing, it’s posted on the web, resulting in her friends teasing her at school.

Although the clip doesn’t come with a lesson plan, it could prompt a discussion on cyberbullying during tutor time or a PSHE lesson.

Understanding the victims with Teachers TV

The final video is from Teachers TV and features one girl’s experiences when she was bullied. It’s another clip you might find useful as a lesson starter.

If you are using this footage, take a look at the other videos in their cyberbullying series. There’s videos with information on lesson planning and anti cyberbullying straegies that may be of use.


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Author: Pano Savvidis