Teaching Resources: Animal Farm

A set of free teaching Resources and ideas relating to Animal Farm by George Orwell.

This Script Writing Activity combines text analysis with a piece of creative writing. The activity could be adapted to make use of multimedia software to create and record a news broadcast based on events in the story.

These character profile sheets allow pupils to create simple revision tools about some of the key characters within Animal Farm. These can then be used for reference purposes, or as part of a compare and cntrast exercise.

Animal Farm Character Profile – Snowball

Animal Farm Character Profile Activity – Napoleon

Animal Farm by George Orwell

The Animal Farm literacy activity is designed to get pupils thinking carefully about the meaning of a key quote. It is quite a demanding task as pupils will have to be very specific to meet the criteria of using exactly 100 words.

This Creative Activity will allow pupils to think about ways in which ideas can be portrayed. You could use historical archive materials from the Soviet Union to illustrate the ways in which this type of propaganda was created and used.

Use this Compare and contrast activity to help pupils determine how closely related to real events the storyline is. Pupils can find an overview of the events in Soviet Russia on this website.

This classification activity requires pupils to identify the theme that a series of quotes relate to. This can lead to discussion about the significance of different themes and further examples can be added by pupils if neccessary. Classification activity (part 2)

Turning points in Animal Farm looks at the events and actions within the plot that lead to major changes in the storyline. It provides pupils with an accessible method of tracking the key themes which can be used for revision purposes and to inform planning.

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Author: Pano Savvidis