Teaching Resources: To Kill a Mockingbird

A selection of free resources to use when teaching Harper Lee’s classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.

You can use this document to help pupils understand the context in which the book was written and the period in which it is set: To Kill a Mocking Bird – Historical Context.

This Starter Activity presents a cloud tag of key words from Atticus Finch’s closing speech in the trial. Pupils use the cloud tag to try and establish what the key themes in the novel will be.

To Kill a Mockingbird – Literacy Task. A simple but effective task. Pupils analyse and discuss a key quotation from the novel before writing a tightly focussed analysis of its meaning.

Continuity and Change in To Kill a Mockingbird are issues that need to be carefully considered. This activity provides an easy to access method of tracking the things that change and stay the same within the novel.

Atticus Finch

Many pupils find it difficult to remember key quotes or some of the small (but significant) things that happen to a character throughout the plot. These sheets allow pupils to update a series of character portraits as they read through the novel, adding key information, changes and quotes to ensure they have tracked character development.

Tom Robinson Character Portrait

Scout Character Portrait

Jem Character Portrait

Dill Character Portrait

Boo Radley Character Portrait

Bob Character Portrait

Atticus Finch Character Portrait

This Sequencing task can be used to reenforce pupils understanding of the chronology of To Kill a Mockingbird. Ideal for use as a quick plenary activity.

This Mind Map activity encourages pupils to consider the central themes in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Get Creative! A more creative way of looking at the imagery in the novel.

This Character Tracker is an alternative way of tracing the development of the key personalities within the novel.

Author: Pano Savvidis