Improve personalised learning with our e-learning resources

The importance of personalised learning 

Personalised learning is a valuable tool for teaching and learning. Using the strategy, learners of all ages and abilities can develop confidence and competence across the curriculum.

Now, as e-learning becomes an important part of school life, teachers are looking to new technology to personalise learning and support their students. With the internet widely available, there is potential to support and empower students online, either in the classroom or at home.

After schools requested help in this area, we decided to create a set of online resources, to assist you in stretching the ability of your class.

e-Learning and online resources

Our e-learning resources

Our range of e-learning and revision applications give you the chance to create unique exercises and tasks for completion online.

The tools include

  • Spellanywhere – designed just like a traditional spelling list. It features an audio option so you can hear the words aloud.
  • Mathsanywhere – lets users create a variety of maths problems, such as multiplication tables.
  • Phonicsanywhere – helps early years students improve their phonic skills. The full audio system is perfect for identifying letter sounds and improving blending techniques.
  • School Mocks – is a versatile application which lets you make image or text multiple choice quizzes on any subject matter.
  • Frenchanywhere supports vocabulary building. Tests can be created in the target language or English, depending on ability. With German, Spanish and Welsh versions also available, we can help your school with any language you’re studying.

How online resources can help

Students will now be able to improve their subject knowledge by working on tasks unique to their ability. Gaps won’t appear in learning either. With work available online, there’s no opportunity to lose homework or revision papers.

The tools have even more benefits for busy teachers. The adaptable nature of each product means whatever topic your teaching, there’s a quick, easy resource to use for lesson planning or homework.  Perhaps, most importantly, the results they create are also invaluable for informing assessment and future planning.

Personalised learning is an important new approach for teachers, but it can require a lot of hard work to ensure all students are catered for. With our online resources, we hope to not only stretch the abilities of your learners, but also make the process easier for you too.

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Author: Pano Savvidis