GCSE English Resources for Lord of the Flies

Teaching resources


Lord of the Flies contains a number of themes and concepts which pupils often find quite difficult to comprehend. This worksheet looks at the context in which William Golding wrote the novel and introduces some of the key themes in a highly accessible manner.

Our Lord of the Flies Literacy Challenge provides pupils with an opportunity to think very carefully about the meaning of a key quote but has a bit of a writing twist to it to make them consider their choice of words more carefully.

The Lord of the Flies Classification Activity can be used as a short starter activity designed to get pupils considering the different images that William Golding uses in the novel.

This Lord of the Flies Starter Activity analyses the text from a key passage in the novel to prompt discussion about the types of theme that pupils identify as being prominent in the text.

The Chronology of Lord of the Flies is checked via this simple but effective sequencing activity.

This Lord of the Flies – True or False is a simple comprehension task for pupils to complete. Teachers can use it to quickly check whether pupils have fully understood the main sections of the book.

Author: Pano Savvidis