What Makes Our VLE Different | Webanywhere Blog

Well to start with we don’t simply provide an ‘out of the box’ VLE – Our VLE is fully customised to suit your needs including,

  • A bespoke theme designed for you in keeping with your existing school brand
  • great as well as working to engage your students.
  • relevant modules and plugins to enhance your students’ learning experience.
  • A site structure that’s easy to navigate using our ‘3 click max’ rule, meaning you’re never more than 3 clicks away from where you’re heading.
  • Drag and drop resources and activities within your courses rather than use the clunky ‘move’ arrows.
  • Conditional activities that require your students to meet set criteria before progressing through a course.
  • Full synchronisation with Management Information Services give you less administration hassle and greatly improves your parental reporting capability

Our VLE provides all these benefits plus more – does yours?

Click here to see our What makes our VLE different video.

Author: Webanywhere