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Imagine this…

Sally has a project to complete for her course, she’s using a VLE for the project but she needs the help from some of her friends.

She’s having trouble however with keeping everyone on track, documents are to-ing and fro-ing, people’s calendars’ aren’t in synch and email – well wouldn’t it be better if email was more interactive?

Google Apps for education is a suite of web based applications, allowing you to create, share and collaborate with your collegues. Everything is available in one place – documents – calendars and emails, and they’re all accessible from your VLE.

Now that she’s using Google Apps for her project, Sally and her friends can all collaborate on single documents in real time and even chat online while they’re working on them, share calendars so they can schedule their busy lives and even chat to each other while composing emails – all from the cloud.

Now that Sally’s team are all using the same tools, they are all on the same track, working together to get her project delivered on time.

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