Promotional Videos for Schools

During the time we’ve been in business, we’ve seen the content of schools’ websites change dramatically. Where once a school website would contain mainly text-based information about timetables, uniform requirements and governors’ meetings, we now see a much wider range of media.

Still from a promotional video taken at Guiseley Infant & Nursery School in Leeds.

Many schools are taking advantage of the prevalence of high-speed broadband to showcase videos, podcasts, online games and much more on their sites.

As ever, we’re keen to ensure we offer our customers an eclectic range of services related to web design, and this now includes promotional video production, thanks to our new recruit, Tom Saunders.

Tom has already worked with primary schools in Bradford, Leeds and Lancashire to produce high quality, attractive promotional videos, including titles, credits and soundtracks.

Popular elements include interviews with key members of staff and pupils, shots of groups such as the school choir, drama club or sports teams, or a tour of the school grounds.

Tom is on hand to advise from a technical and artistic perspective, but he’s
happy to be guided by your ideas to produce a film which is unique to you.

Learn more at the School Videocasts page of School Jotter.

Author: Webanywhere