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Founded in 2003 as a learning technology company providing solutions to the education sector, Webanywhere has diversified to support lifelong learning across the public, private and third sectors. We now employ over 150 staff, and have operational bases in the UK, US and mainland Europe.

One of the Best eLearning Providers in the World

We are an official a Totara Platinum Partner and Authorised Google Apps reseller, and in 2012 were appointed as a supplier to the Crown Commercial Service for learning platforms, having demonstrated the quality and value for money of our service.

If you want a learning management system that your team and your learners will love using, useful apps for education, training or communication, or a great-looking, easy to manage website – Webanywhere can help you.

With thousands of clients and supporting over 3 million end-users, our products and services help schools, businesses, healthcare providers, government organisations and not-for-profits to make the most of the web. Contact us to learn more!

We support a number of charitable initiatives, which you can learn about on our blog.

Our Brand Story

As customers, whether at home or at work, we’re all surrounded by brands every day. At Webanywhere, it’s important to us that our brand provides our customers with a set of positive beliefs that reinforces what we stand for, and sets us apart with an instantly recognisable identity in a crowded marketplace.

We’re a specialist provider of web-based learning platforms and online resources. We provide online learning solutions to over 3,500 educational and corporate clients. We are extending our global footprint to the US and other regions. We are experts in technologies that enable people to achieve more and collaborate through shared learning.

All this requires a powerful brand that will convey our vision through everything we say and do. That’s why we’ve decided to create a rebranded identity for the first time in our history. We introduce you to that brand here and explain why it is something we believe is vital to our future.

From roots to shoots

Since our formation in 2003, our company has changed and evolved. However our essence, our key beliefs, have remained untouched. As we’ve always done, we stretch beyond with our enthusiasm and willingness to go further. We’re still in front of market needs and we go beyond what’s expected to deliver a truly positive experience for our customers. You can learn more about our key beliefs here.

Our new identity

Knowledge and experience – both acquired through learning – are everything to most people, young and old. Our core mission is to go beyond today by creating innovative web based learning platforms that enable you to stretch your potential.

In short, we Stretch Beyond. This is our new brand tagline.

The starting point for our creative inspiration was the concept of an organic ‘Tree of Knowledge’ or ‘Tree of Life’ – elements symbolic of lifetime learning, which underpins the vision we have for our company.

Then we looked at some of the associations with our brand tagline. The tree that stretches the most is the rubber tree. We used the leaf of the rubber tree as the focus for our brand identity.

Rubber is also the material used for making the soles of most sports shoes. The rubber shoe is therefore used as the device to communicate movement in any direction; the spine of the rubber leaf is the motif that forms the pattern on the sole of the shoe. These elements, combined, represent our tagline, “Stretch Beyond”.

Our dominant corporate colours are green and white, to reflect the organic nature of the tree.

We like our new identity a lot. We hope you do too.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is integral to our values and the products and services we provide. It’s key to our role in nurturing the roots of a thriving community, based on lifetime learning and becoming prosperous by stretching beyond today and generating new business.

corporate responsibility

Creating jobs, extending education

Webanywhere’s commitment to corporate responsibility drives positive local social and economic development. We believe strongly that our desire to create new jobs and contribute to macro-economic growth helps to shape the communities around us. By extension these communities have a profound impact on the future of Webanywhere, and that is why we invest in them through these four pillars of corporate responsibility:

The pillars of our corporate responsibility


We are committed to training and developing our staff, and encouraging new talent to join us. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, family run business, where outstanding individuals are recognised and rewarded.

Job Creation

Our goal is to grow our regional footprint, by creating jobs and driving economic wealth. As a talent-driven organisation, our people and their skills are the best asset we can offer our community.

Engagement with our communities

As a major employer we are always keen to support individuals and organisations within our local markets who share our key beliefs. You can find our dedicated ‘Stretch Beyond’ CSR site here.

Mobilising learning

We are enabling access to e-learning so that this and future generations have the skills they need to make a positive contribution to society. An example of this is our new Skillsanywhere MOOC, providing open access to knowledge for the future generation. Click here to find out more.

Key Beliefs

To go beyond today by creating innovative web based learning platforms that enable you to stretch your potential further.

Since our formation in 2003, Webanywhere has remained true to our passion for lifetime learning and the advancement of innovative ideas, which is reflected in our core values, or key beliefs. These shape and reflect our culture and define the personality of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

We stretch beyond boundaries

We innovate by stretching beyond ambitions we know we can’t reach yet.

We stretch beyond today

We promote lifetime learning by looking at the bigger picture, not just what is in front of us.

We stretch beyond knowledge

We support our diverse global communities, creating wealth through learning and employment.

We stretch beyond expectations

We delight our customers by giving them better choices and making it easier for them to do business with us.

US Office

If you’re in the US and have found this site, you may be interested in learning about our e-learning experts in Chicago Illinoison our dedicated site for the USA.

Wherever you are based, if you are looking for an e-learning company that can provide you with a great website, learning platform or easy to use apps for education / training, Webanywhere can help you with online tools that are fun to use and that make your work easier.